About us

We are a small Cape Town based company that specialises in the creation of a water dispersible oil that is used in South Africa by leading beauty salons, beauty salon training schools, spas, sports masseurs, physiotherapists and chiropractors.

Why you should use our oils

  • Has a silky feel and glide - confirmed by clients
  • Ingredients are cosmetic approved
  • No scent with the benefit of adding essential oil if required.
  • Easily washes off linens and clothes
  • No more stained or rancid smelling sheets
  • Easy rinse-off the body in the shower


massage oil bottle

We are able to supply our Masseur Art oil throughout South Africa, either through our well known distributors or directly from Amanzi Oils. The product ships in the following sizes

  • 1 Litre Bottle
  • 4 Litre Bottle
  • 25 Litre Container

We also supply Almond and Grapeseed carrier oils in the same quanitity as our Masseur Art Oil

Masseur Art Oil

Masseur Art oil was developed in conjunction with a leading physiotherapist in 2005. Masseur art is made from natural refined vegetable oil. Grapeseed oil which forms the base of the water dispersible oil is a smooth, dense yet lightly textured oil that has essential properties necessary for nourishing human life.

It is has properties (Vitamin F and linoleic acid) that help repair and rejuvenate stressed or damaged skin. Made water dispersible for easy clean up this is the perfect luxury massage oil.

The oil has a greater affinity for water than material so most of it washes off clothes, towels and linen when the oil stain is is still wet by adding warm water and then adding to washing machine.

Grapeseed Oil

This is a process where the seeds go through mechanical extraction and filtering where minimum heat is applied throughout the processing of the raw material. In this way it helps the oil maintain it's original state and quality. Temperatures of between 26-32.2'C are maintained throughout the process. The oil retains it's natural colour and flavour.It is then partially refined where the oil is partially processed where deodorisation is applied. Grapeseed which is known to go rancid quickly require further stabalisation and hence goes through this process. It also helps to remove the deep colour and smell of the oil. The result is a rich oil that is excellent for the massage industry

Almond Oil

Almond oil is an excellent emollient (softening and soothing to the skin) and also helps the skin to balance water loss and absorption of moisture. It is further a great moisturizer, suitable for all skin types, helps relieve irritation, inflammation and itching, and is greatly lubricating. Because the oil does not penetrate the skin overly quickly, it is a good massage medium to use to help spread the oil and essential oil mixture, while still allowing you time to do a good massage before it is absorbed by the skin. Not only does almond oil help protect the surface of the skin, but it has great value as an emollient, while conditioning the skin and promoting a clear young looking complexion. It also helps to relieve muscular aches and pains. Almond oil is suitable for all skin types, but is especially good for dry or irritated skin

Masseur Art Oil - Sport

Our Standard Oil is enhanced with Arnica, Rosemary & Lavender to provide that extra deep penetrating massage for the top athletes. This oil is used extensively during Iron Man competitions throughout south Africa.


We are able to supply our Masseur Art oil throughout South Africa, either through our well known distributors or directly from Amanzi Oils.

The product ships in the quantities shown in the table to the left. We are flexible in our deliveries and will try to fulfil all our customers requests.

Quantity 1 Litre 4 Litre 25 Litre
Standard oil tick tick tick
Sports oil tick tick tick
Grapeseed oil tick tick tick
Almond oil tick tick tick


Who's using our oils?


  • Total Concept – Port Elizabeth
  • Upfront Distribution – Durban
  • Camelot International – Johannesburg
  • Professional Beauty Supplies – Cape Town


  • Cape Institute for Allied Health Studies -Physiotherapists
  • Durbanville Chiropractic Clinic – Chiropractors
  • Isa Carstens Academy – Training School
  • Various Spas throughout the country
  • Many individual masseur therapists

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